UTAQ (Urban Tool for Air Quality) is a web application that allows urban planners and municipal agencies to assess air quality in urban areas and assess the short-term response to deal with emergency conditions of air quality exceedances UTAQ will produce in output air quality maps on the current situation and forecasts for the next four days, high-resolution maps of total and average concentrations for urban emissions. To produce the forward maps UTAQ uses CAMS products: the instrument is provided by CAMS background concentrations integrated with local emissions.

UTAQ is also a mobile app that:

  • helps the authorities to communicate the urban strategies and forecasts on air quality to the inhabitants of the city
  • provides efficient public information with an easily accessible and SMART tool
  • helps to prevent exposure to pollution peak for “sensitive” citizens (eg. children, asthmatics …) by providing them with the spatial and temporal variation of air quality is based on their location (via GPS) or desired path (to discover the least polluted trip…).